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Learning to play the harp is a valuable and special skill that  YOU CAN LEARN!


With your busy schedule, I can drive to teach you in the comfort of your own home or you are welcome to mine in which my harp can be used.  I teach lessons to all ages and levels. I have taught from age 6 up to age 18 from beginner to advanced. My experience includes being teaching high school harp at Mount Academy, guest instructor with the NC Harp Ensemble, intern instructor with the American Youth Harp Ensemble, and a harp coach with the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Lessons can be taught in 30, 45, or 60 minute durations.

Please call, text, or email me with any questions or thoughts.


  • Happiness

    • Having FUN and being happy is the most important thing about playing the harp. This instrument is unique and is beautiful to listen to. It is always a blast sharing this gift with friends and family and brings you and them happiness.

  • Achievement

    • Learning to play the harp can be challenging and sometimes frustrating, but that moment when one conquers a specific skill or masters their first piece, it is the best feeling in the world.

  • Reliever of Stress

    • The harp has sounds that are just naturally soothing on our minds and bodies. It also takes our minds off everything else that is stressing us out and takes it off of what is going on in the world and simply our daily lives.

  • Practice

    • Playing the harp is not something one can do overnight. It requires commitment and dedication to practice, practice, and practice some more. But once, one gets into the swing of it, one's discipline increases and comes more naturally. 

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